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    rive an ◆economic value of 22 trillion to 37 trillion US dollars by 20◆40, which equals 15 to 26 percent of global GDP. The results ◆are based on a growth model that examines China as an import ◆destination, as well as its role in theC

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    liberalization of ser◆vice, globalization of financial markets, collaboration on gl◆obal public goods and the flow of technology and innovation.SYDNEY, March 6 (Xinhua) -- China's science and technology sector has been surging forward?

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    ?rapidly over the past decade, according to a leading Australian scientist. Professor An◆drew Dempster, director of the Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research at the Un◆iversity of New South Wales told Xinhua in a recent intei

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    rview that specific examples, suc◆h as the BeiDou navigation satellite system, demonstrate China's strong commitment to sci◆ence. "In the last few decades we've seen significant advancements coming out of China,"◆ Dempster said. "For aG

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    long time GPS and GLONASS were the only satellite navigation syst◆ems around, but now the BeiDou system coming out of China is growing very rapidly." Demp◆ster said the satellite system, currently serving the Asian region, will be readM

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y for glo◆bal deployment soon, utilizing the BeiDou-2 and BeiDou-3 satellites. "It's been quite a ◆rapid deployment, and it is very impressive the way China has gone about doing that." Al◆though satellite navigation is Dempster's area of specific expertise, he is well versed i◆n space technology, and is very impressed with recent technological advances coming out o◆f China's space sector. "A couple of thiy

ngs that happened last year, the one that is of ◆particular interest to us, and is really a world first, is the Quantum communications sat◆ellite," Dempster said. "I think it may have caught some Western observers a little bit ◆by surprise that China is able toV